About The Project

It is the year 2020 and COVID is changing the world. MD's are working around the clock to ensure that our patients are getting the best care possible, but efficiency is compromised due to incompatibilities between technology and our standard work flow. Our patients are becoming more complex and their information is somewhat lost in a fractured healthcare system that failed to keep up. We need a solution fast.

How did it unfold and where are we now

July 2020

Our goals defined

We start planning for full electronic record adoption by our hospitalist group. Our aim is to improve handovers, reduce time spent on creating documents, improve our billing recovery and increase hands-on patient time.

July 2020

August 2020

Our vision

Create a secure online hub that is used to standardize documentation and that can easily be integrated when using any Electronic Medical Record system. Incorporate 1 click technology to grab templates and import them into any text editor or voice recognition software to enhance and unify hospital notes.

Improve Communication

Standardize our templates to incorporate a comprehensive problem list, medication list, multidisciplinary approach, goals of care and key access and flow components that is easy to read and follow.

Build Trust

Develop a system where trust between physicians are constantly improved.

Shape The Future

Recognize that electronic medical records may have barriers to efficiency and develop solutions around it that can support decision-making and enhance care to patients while promoting physician wellness. 


August 2020

September 2020

Platform V1.0

Design of the first documentation platform of it’s kind integrating documentation with core knowledge based resources in one place. 

September 2020

October 2020

Billing Integration

Integrate 80% of ICD-9 codes into the platform to support physicians when billing on the go. Reduced time spent on finding codes and improving accuracy in capturing billing data. 

October 2020

November 2020

Establishing a baseline

We collect our first baseline information focusing on systemic barriers within the EMR software, access and flow, prescribing and flow within documentation. We reach out to:




Allied Health Care

November 2020

December 2020


We add links to the most up to date resources, commonly used by physicians around the world. Resources are stored in a database format and reduce time on finding selected articles, calculators, drug information and more.

December 2020

About The Founder

Johann Schreve (MD) is the founder of MD+Chart, Movember enthusiast and full time hospitalist. His passion for documentation started in 2013, when he immigrated to Canada and started using electronic medical records. 

I always think about innovative ways to enhance efficiency in my career as a physician. I have tried using a variety of voice recognition software to improve my flow when I am dictating my notes in the office or hospital, but often forget my Macro’s or find it frustrating when my foreign accent would lead to some freakishly odd words being added to my documentation.

MD+Chart provides me with the ideal middle ground, where I can easily pull templates from the site on any device and integrate it into my text editor within the EMR or microphone. By doing this I am able to create more detailed and concise notes, either by dictation or typing. 

Not only does MD+Chart allow me to improve documentation, it organizes and stores key links to fantastic online resources within the same digital environment which helps me to optimize care to my patients, as an acute care physician.

In November 2020 we also integrated a physician operated billing database to grab ICD-9 codes on the go and improve our billing recovery within our hospitalist group. 

Our community is Improving Communication, Building Trust and Shaping the future of medicine. Join us and make the difference. 

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